Our Structure

The Foundation is led by a Board of Directors. The majority of the 10 members (listed below) are Albanians who are respected professionals in their various fields of work. The Board meets three times annually.

Board of Directors:

Mrs. Pamela Griffin, Founding Member and Executive Director

Herr Ernst Atkins

Znj. Lauresha Basha

Mrs. Lea Cristina

Frau Rita Hoffmann

Z. Perparim Kalo

Znj. Valentina Koci

Znj Alketa Kurrizo

Znj. Mimoza Ponari

Znj. Anita Shushku

Honorary Board Members:

Adriana Berberi

Sabine Bloch

Valbona Boga

Veronique Brumeaux

Holta Dulaku

Fiona Grunerud

Gudrun Jeffries

Martin Mata

Vilma Nushi

Ashley Olters

Thomas Papaspyrou (Founding Member)

Marsel Skendo (Founding Member)