"Generally, i build my paintings like theatrical scenes, but they have no intention in telling any specific story. Media and everyday situations provoke my inspiration.They generally speak about actual phenomena that happen in my country, but not only. The paintings are a mix between dramatic and ephemeral moments, metaphor and irony. Irony permeates them, while I try to construct manifold and multilayered situations. The paintings thus, become scenes where the characters face each other unexpectedly." Enkelejd Zonja

Art Education

UmbrellasA model workshop.
A program with 3 Saturday sessions was developed with a visiting Albanian ceramic artist.

Other projects collaborating with visiting artists and hands on art have been well attended and popular with young participants such as with the French painter, Michel Ribaut and the American installation artist Pamela Moulton. 



The 2009 Scholarship for Art Student.
An exceptionally talented young art student from the Academy of Art, Enkelejd Zonja, was accepted for a 6 month program of study in Sweden at the Royal University College of Fine Arts. FAVA has awarded the student a living stipend in order to make the scholarship possible.


"Dilemmas" by Enkelejd Zonja, Oil on canvas, 2009


2010 Cultural Management Seminar with U.S. Embassy Reception
FAVA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the National Gallery of Arts, organized the first conference "Museum Management for the 21st Century" for museum and gallery Directors from various Albanian cities. The outstanding presenters were Ruth Coggeshall, former Chief of Development of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC and Ward Mintz, Executive Director of the Coby Foundation, New York.

Cultural Conference October 2010

Cultural Conference October 2010

Museum Management for the 21st Century, 2010




"Ne pergjithsi e ndertoj punen time ne formen e skene teatrale ,por qe skan si qellim te tregoje nje histori te vecante. Media apo situata qe provokohen nga e perditshmja behen baze ispiruse. Ato flasin ne pergjithesi per fenomene aktuale qe ndodhin ne vendin tim, por jo vetem. Punimet jane nje perzierje mes momenteve dramatike dhe te perditeshme, metaforash dhe ironish. Une perpiqem te ndertoj gjendje me shume kuptime dhe shtresa, te veshura me mister. Pikturat kthehen keshtu ne skena ku persoazhet ballafaqohen me njeri tjetrin ne menyre krejt te papritur." Enkelejd Zonja