Art Exhibitions

International Projects:

The 2007 Exhibition, “Present” with art professors from Academy of Art, Tirana and Utica College, New York. Funding was allocated by FAVA for this GKA exhibit and for further collaboration at the Barrett Fine Art Gallery, Utica College:  “Common Threads of Tradition in the PRESENT.”

The 2007 GKA Exhibition, “Vision and Expression” in Beijing, China. FAVA sponsored the travel expenses for 4 GKA staff members to assemble this important exhibition of the National Gallery permanent collection..

Venice BiennaleThe 2007 Venice Biennale Exhibition. FAVA recommended American curator, Bonnie Clearwater from MOCA museum in Miami, Florida, AND assisted in her expenses and paid for the initial rent of the Albanian Pavilion. Albanian video artists from this exhibition have become internationally recognized and one artwork is being purchased by a U.S. museum. The significance of this highly regarded international exposure for talented Albanian artists cannot be overstated.

The 2008-09 Alfred Toepfer Fellowship, Hamburg Germany Project. This project supported by FAVA was largely funded by the Toepfer Foundation. A young curator won the German fellowship to develop at the GKA a fascinating project entitled “Re-Paintings. An Exhibition on Coats.” The art installation examined the GKA renovations in relation to a state of on-going transformation in Albania. A forthcoming publication with the Albanian artists who participated will be the completion of the project

The 2009 New Orleans Student Project.  Four talented art students accompanied by faculty from the Academy of Art, Tirana exhibited their art works at Loyola University in New Orleans and attended classes for one week in March. A continued partnership thrives, a particularly fascinating collaboration supported by FAVA because these 2 cities with very different cultures face similar re-building challenges.

  • 2011 The prestigious Diboll Gallery of Loyola University hosted the multi-media exhibition, “fjale/Word” made possible by the support of FAVA.
  • 2015 A residency project in collaboration with the Academy of Art in Tirana, the Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (T.I.C.A.) and Loyola University is currently being planned.

Final RecycleThe Galeria E Vogel. Fava has supported Galeria E Vogel since 2007, realizing that private galleries are an important element to any dynamic art community, and that they have difficulty in becoming self sustaining because of lack of financial support. This particular gallery has been a prominent addition to the local community where it resides, offering exhibitions with new artists in various medium such as sculpture, photography, ceramics and video art.

The Zeta Gallery. The 2009 Exhibition of Albanian Artist, Lumturi Blloshmi received FAVA support. This deaf artist has devoted her life to experimental and humanizing work. Considering the limited possibilities for artist support in Albania, FAVA was pleased to collaborate with this unique and respected female artist who expresses important insights into Albanian life. The Zeta Gallery is important to young, emerging artists and has been impressive with its outreach to young audiences attending its exhibitions.

The 2009 Photo Album of Albanian Emigration to U.S.  The well-recognised Albanian photographer Roland Tasho visually conveyed images of successful Albanians who have thrived in the U.S. during the last 130 years, bringing their values and culture to their adopted country. FAVA was pleased to support this beautiful album of such emotional impact. An exhibition of selected photographs was presented in Tirana.

The 2009 Tirana International Biennale of Contemporary Art.  FAVA support was allocated specifically for catalog design which included translation for commissioned texts. “The Biennale offers important possibilities for international dialogue on the environment, political platforms and power structures through artistic channels.”

The 2010 Marubi Photographs to Finland Exhibition. The Museum of Cultures in Helsinki organized an historic Marubi exhibition with photos from Albania which FAVA was instrumental in supporting. Many of those attending commented that this was their first introduction to the intriguing history of Albania, and they looked forward to future visits. Here was another example of art promoting tourism and international understanding.

Future Projects: