Restoration and Renovations

The 2005-06 restoration project of the treasured Albanian painting, “Motra Tone” by artist Kol Idromeno (1883). The project was financed by FAVA and initially conceived by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports of Albania and the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France. The project was completed at the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France with the assistance of the restoration expertise from the National Gallery. The painting now resides at the National Gallery of Art, Tirana for generations to know and enjoy.

Motra Tone by Kol Idromeno,1883

“Motra Tone” Kol Idromeno, 1883


The 2007-09 National Gallery renovations, “Project Facelift.” In order to help conserve the permanent collection at the National Gallery of Art, it became evident that the interior space of the GKA needed funds to begin renovations. FAVA assisted with professional advice and financial resources to improve conditions for the leaking roof, lighting, floors, ceilings and frames for paintings to be exhibited which were previously held in sub-standard storage space. Heating and cooling equipment was also purchased to help prevent further destruction of artwork. Approximately 15% of the total funds raised through the Gala for this project have come from generous in-kind assistance from local companies.

Project Facelift

National Gallery Facelift Project

The opening ceremony of renovations at the National Gallery of Arts, Tirana was on May 7, 2009. The permanent collection of art is now beautifully presented in an historical context by Director Rubens Shima.

Opening Ceremony of National Gallery, Tirana on May 7, 2009